Last blog I mentioned 15 things every home needs. Last time I described 7. Here are the other 8.

Tarps & Furniture Pads

Plastic tarps and cloth furniture pads allow you to protect counters, floor, cabinets and more while performing home repair and improvement projects. Tarps make great drop cloths when painting, and furniture pads offer some protection against dropped tools.

Caulking Gun

Most high-quality glues, caulks and sealants are sold in a tube that requires a caulking gun.

Slip-Joint Pliers

Also known as "water pump pliers" or "Channel Locks" the slip-joint allows you to quickly adjust the jaw size for the task at hand.

Crosscut Handsaw

This saw is extremely versatile and can be used for cutting everything from sheets of plywood to thin moldings.


Hacksaws may look thin & flimsy, but they'll quickly cut through all but the hardest of metals.

Combination Wrench Set

Because nuts & bolts are both "standard" (SAE) and "metric", you'll need both sets of wrenches.

Screwdriver Sets

There are 4 types of screws in popular use today: slotted, Phillips, star-drive and square-drive. Make sure your sets have screwdrivers for each and also all sizes.

Torpedo Level

You'll need a level to determine when something - a picture, a shelf, fence post, etc. - is level or plumb.